"Fire and Bud."
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All these ppl on the Internet being like “WELL I’ve read the books and in the books you don’t even know who did it!!” What books are you reading???????? Are we reading different books?????? Smh are you even paying attention????????

For fucking real.

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I tweeted that i haven’t read the ASOIAF series yet

And someone replied that there were four books and implied i would not be able to read them fast enough to surpass the show

Foolish Child 


There are 5 books, and I read them all in less than a month when I finished season 2 and could not wait for season 3 to find out what happened next.

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Kids Shown Interracial Cheerios Commercial - And Have No Idea Why It’s Controversial.

Twelve children were filmed watching the controversial Cheerios commercial that featured an interracial couple as parents of a bi-racial daughter. The commercial drew intense anger from so many people because of their attitudes on race that Cheerios had to close and delete comments on YouTube.

“Prior to the closure, the comment section had been filled “with references to Nazis, ‘troglodytes’ and ‘racial genocide,’” according to Adweek,” the Huffington Post reported just days after the ad was posted to YouTube. Today, it has had almost four million views.

Not one of them had any idea. They literally had to be told why. And when they were told, they were angry, upset, thought the race-based responses to the video were stupid, and wrong.

Which sounds very right to me.

Watch, and enjoy: